Docker Security Challenges and Best practices.

Docker is widely accepted, more than 25% of companies have already adopted Docker. The market size of Docker is projected to grow 993 million USD by 2024. Still, there are many known security threats that Docker faces, this article will expose some well-known, common, and avoidable security threats and their possible solutions.

Before moving forward, you should be familiar with Containerization Technology, Docker Containers, its framework, and the existing Security Mechanisms in Docker.

Prerequisites are covered in the above article 😄, I highly recommend reading it first for proper understanding.

Even though the Docker containers provide great efficiencies and higher…

Getting Started with React.js in 10 mins

Table Of Content

  1. What is React ?
  2. Why Learn React ?
  3. Getting Started Guide !!
  4. Folder Structure
  5. Basic Concepts You Need To Know
  6. Conclusion

What is React?

  • React is an Open source library for building user Interfaces.
  • React is not a framework.
  • Its only focus is developing UI interfaces.
  • React has no support for routing or HTTP requests , as it focuses on UI only. But React can be effortlessly integrated with other libraries providing required features.
  • React is created and maintained by Facebook and has a huge community.

Why React ?

  • React has a component based architecture.
  • React is great for writing reusable-code.
  • React is declarative in nature…

Write your first Node.js server app in 10 mins

A Brief introduction to Node.js and Express.js


Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, back-end JavaScript runtime environment that runs on the V8 engine and executes JavaScript code outside a web browser.


Express.js, or simply Express, is a back-end web application framework for Node.js, it is designed for building web apps and APIs. It has been called the de facto standard server framework for Node.js.

This article will guide you in writing a Node.js server application, with an appropriate project structure and will briefly introduce well-known packages which are generally used while working with Node Server Applications.

Let’s get Started

  • Create a new project folder mynodeserver
  • Make sure Node.js is installed on…

Deep dive into the framework and working of Docker containers.

Table of Content :

  1. What are Containers?
  2. Docker Containers.
  3. The Framework of Docker Container.
  4. Security Mechanisms in Docker.

What are Containers?

Containers are basically a standard unit of software that encompasses the code and carries all the required dependencies by the application to run independently of the system on which the container is deployed.

Let me simplify it for you

Sharing programs or making the same program work on a different system can be tedious at times. A program developed on a Linux environment might not work on other OS like windows or mac, the used programming language may be of different versions, also if the versions are changed for the program to…

Get Started with Angular in 10 mins.

What is Angular ?

  • Angular is a Typescript-based open-source web application development framework.
  • Angular is used in developing sophisticated ‘Single Page Application’ (SPA) projects.

Why learn Angular ?

  • Angular is backed by ( ie. maintained by ) Google, so it’s here to stay for long.
  • Angular has a huge and active community of developers, So If stuck somewhere, you can easily get support from the community.
  • Angular provides a proper structure to your web application which helps us visualize the project in a better fashion.
  • MVC Architecture: MVC stands for Model-View-Controller. Data is managed by the Model and View manages the data display. …

Setup MongoDB in 10 minutes

Let’s start by understanding what is a NoSQL database ?

  • NoSQL stands for “not only SQL” referring to non-relational databases.
  • Data is modeled in means other than tabular relations like in a document store or key-value pair or graphs.
  • NoSQL came into existence in the late 1960s but became popular in the 21st century.
  • NoSQL includes ease of scaling, simplicity of design & control over availability.

What issues does it solve ?

  • A NoSQL database being schema-less gives means to model data closer to its application.
  • A SQL database lacks the power to scale properly in a horizontal direction, while a NoSQL database was designed from the ground up to be distributive in nature.
  • Most NoSQL…

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